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Re: Spammers are now closing bugs

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Spammers are now closing bugs
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 13:16:13 -0400
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Alan Mackenzie wrote:

> I missed that thread last August.  The argument (from Eli) was that
> having the bug-gnu-emacs moderators also moderate the bug tracker email
> would be too much of a burden for them.  As one of the bug-gnu-emacs
> moderators, I don't believe this would be the case.  To me, it is
> scarcely more effort to moderate 10 messages than 1; indeed, finding only
> 1 message is an anti-climax, and finding none at all is a major let down.

Thanks for being a moderator.

My point is, that unless I misunderstand how things work, the total
number of messages to be moderated would not change. All mail for
bug-gnu-emacs goes through emacsbugs first, which does some stuff,
then sends it all on to bug-gnu-emacs. So, you're already seeing all
the spam, just too late to stop it getting into emacsbugs.

In other words, I think the current setup is:

ham+spam            ham+spam            ham
------->  emacsbugs -------> moderators ---> bug-gnu-emacs

I'm suggesting moving the moderation step:

ham+spam            ham
-------> moderators ---> emacsbugs ---> bug-gnu-emacs

I have no idea if it is possible, or who could set it up.

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