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Re: bzr repository ready?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: bzr repository ready?
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 20:31:08 -0400
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> If you want to use the 1.9 pack-based format then grabbing this
> repository now is the thing to do.  If you are interested in testing the
> new "brisbane-core" format then you'll have to give me a few hours to
> set one up.

I'm still using your incrementally-updated Bzr mirror (not sure which
format it uses) and I locally use the "old" pack-0.92 format, and
performance is acceptable.
So even if newer formats improve things, they are not crucial.
Furthermore, we can upgrade the repository's format at any time in the
future, so the initial format is not that important.

This of course doesn't mean that I do not appreciate your efforts to get
fast-import improved and to test the newer formats (and to a large
extent also provide the Bazaar folks with a large repository on which
performance problems can be seen&improved).  Just that I think the
serious problems on this front have been addressed already.


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