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RE: M-x compile and window splitting

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: M-x compile and window splitting
Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 06:40:56 -0700

> ** Changes affecting display-buffer
> *** display-buffer tries to be smarter when splitting an 
> existing window.
> **** The new option split-window-preferred-function lets you either
> choose among a number of standard methods to split the window 
> or provide
> your own splitting function.
> **** The new function split-window-sensibly which provides the default
> value for split-window-preferred-function tries to split a window
> horizontally when vertical splitting fails.
> **** split-height-threshold and the new option 
> split-width-threshold let
> you specify in more detail whether and how split-window-sensibly shall
> split the window.
> **** A window can be split vertically even when it's not full-width.
> *** If pop-up-frames has the value `graphic-only', display-buffer
> makes a separate frame on graphic displays only.
> *** select-frame and set-frame-selected-window have a new optional
> argument NORECORD.  If non-nil, this avoids messing with the order of
> recently selected windows and the buffer list and allow to more
> correctly identify the window least recently used when displaying a
> buffer.

Thanks. If (and only if) it can be said in just a few words, how about
mentioning how to get back (~) the previous behavior wrt window splitting?

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