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display-buffer cleverness - how to tame?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: display-buffer cleverness - how to tame?
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 00:41:24 -0700

I'm sure the new display-buffer behavior is an improvement in some way, but it
seems too clever by half, at least in one context I have.

I'm not suggesting the smarter behavior should be reverted (I'd have to
understand it first, to be able to suggest that ;-)). I just want to know which
settings I need, to get back the previous behavior for some code I have that
(apparently) depends on it. The code works with Emacs 20-22, but breaks with
Emacs 23. Because of a different bug (#3081), which was recently fixed, I
couldn't see this bug before now.

I haven't spent a lot of time investigating, but the problem seems to be that
display-buffer now tries to split the largest window. I can see that there are
several variables that control display-buffer, but could someone please point
out the settings that will restore the previous (Emacs 22) unclever behavior. 

In particular, I have two windows, left and right, with the left one wider and
selected when I call display-buffer. The behavior I want is for the right,
narrower window to be split (vertically). Instead, it is the left, wider window
that gets split (vertically).


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