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NextStep port is in bad shape

From: Ian Eure
Subject: NextStep port is in bad shape
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 13:06:31 -0700

So I've been running nightly builds from CVS HEAD for around four months now, and I'm alarmed to see that Emacs is getting closer to release, while the NextStep port is in really bad shape.

The main issue is performance. It's _really_ slow. In particular, using Flyspell makes it really horrible to use (#2056). There also seem to be problems with slow redrawing. If you highlight a URL in ERC with the mouse, then move point across it, you can see it lag and redraw the entire highlighted region. Drawing a highlight over a multi- line area is so slow that you can watch it draw.

In general, it just doesn't feel like it's ready for a stable release. Are these issues known and is someone working on them?

 - Ian

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