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RE: read-buffer-completion-ignore-case

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: read-buffer-completion-ignore-case
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 22:42:57 -0700

> No, I mean, make your code generic, and only pay attention to
> `completion-ignore-case', as it will have the correct value in the
> various different circumstances.

Not in what I have in mind.

> > For what I have in mind that test wouldn't be sufficient. I really
> > want to know whether buffer-name completion is happening.
> Why?  Maybe the fact that you want to know indicates the completion
> interface is missing something...

No, nevermind, but thanks. I would like to be able to know whether completion
involves buffer names, but there is ultimately no complete solution to that
anyway, obviously. There is in the end no way for completing-read to know
whether its COLLECTION argument involves buffer names. Sticking with
recognizable commands and functions (e.g. read-buffer), as I'm doing anyway, is
a partial solution.

I was thinking of something akin to `minibuffer-completing-file-name', but the
buffer case is not really parallel. (Yes, even for file names there is no 100%
solution, since you can complete them using completing-read instead of
read-file-name, but `minibuffer-completing-file-name' is a pretty good

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