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Re: Interactive hat. (Patch V2)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Interactive hat. (Patch V2)
Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 15:14:44 -0400
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>> I think Stefan M.'s approach, face the problem when we come to it,
>> is the best here.

Didn't know it was my approach ;-)

> That approach is best if you cannot reasonably avoid the potential
> trouble in the first place.  This isn't the case here.

Also if there's a good case to be made that when/if the problem appears
it will be better solved elsewhere anyway.  E.g. it would be a bug for
the new code to not handle empty table cells properly, so I see no
reason to work around a potential future bug.

> Why is it a problem to outdent this string?  Or do something like
> this:

>                             (error "Attempt to select \
> inactive minibuffer window")))


> or this:

>                             (error "Attempt to select "
>                                    "inactive minibuffer window")))

This is not the same (`error' passes its arguments to `format').
You need to add `concat' in there.

I'd rather shorten the message, e.g. by dropping " window".
Of course, an even (much) better solution is to move this code into its
own function so the code in the manual can be just a simple call to
that function.


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