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Re: NS do not set INFOPATH

From: Felix Mueller
Subject: Re: NS do not set INFOPATH
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 13:06:02 +0200
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* Adrian Robert -- [2009-05-16] writes:
> Felix Mueller <felix <at> enqueue.eu> writes:
>> I would find it less intrusive, if Emacs.app did not set INFOPATH upon
>> start up if it was not set before. This would enable users to make
>> changes to Info-default-directory-list in their initialization
>> files.
> Thanks for this patch.  It looks like it improves the behavior from
> before, even if it's not perfect.  I will look at incorporating it.

I think, setting an environment variable on startup is not a good idea,
but an easier alternative would be to simply add a colon to resourcePath
in nsterm.m (~ line 418). This way, contents of INFOPATH and
Info-default-directory-list are merged when invoking info.

>> It might be prudent to change that if Emacs is built non
>> self-contained.
> Does the new method cause a failure to find the right info directory in
> this case?  

I only tested it using the default prefix (/usr/local). This works fine.

>> If you decide against changing the behavior, I would find it helpful
>> if you included a hint in the documentation.
> Do I take it the macos.texi portion of your patch should ONLY be applied
> if the other parts are NOT applied


* Leo -- [2009-05-16] writes:
> Actually from the documentation, it looks like
> Info-default-directory-list is not for users to customise,
> Info-additional-directory-list is.

OK, but would you not find it more useful if this variable /could/ be
changed to effectively add info directories (e.g. in the system wide
initialization file to include fink info directories)?

I would typically not expect most of the programs I use to set an
environment variable by themselves, and I spent a couple of minutes
figuring out what was happening and checking for other places that might
be responsible for the INFOPATH environment variable. That's why I wrote
the email :-)


Felix Mueller

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