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Re: Weird memory consumption libnked to frame font spec

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: Weird memory consumption libnked to frame font spec
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 19:13:52 -0400
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

> There's something funny with our memory consumption.
> Here is a recipe to show the problem, tho it uses mpc.el (and requires
> an mpd daemon running), so you may find it rather inconvenient to try
> and reproduce it.  Hopefully I'll find a way to get rid of this mpc.el
> dependency to reproduce the bug, but for now, that's what we have:
> - emacs -Q --eval '(dotimes (i 10 (other-frame 1)) (make-frame (quote ((font 
> . "Sans")))))' -l ~/src/elisp/mpc/mpc.el -f mpc
> - at this point, you're supposed to be looking at 11 frames, the bottom
>   one using the default font to show *scratch*, the 9 middle ones
>   showing *scratch* as well but using "Sans", and the top one also using
>   "Sans" but showing various windows listing the
>   artists&albums&... available in your MPD daemon.
>   "ps" should show your Emacs process is largish, but not humongous (in
>   my case it's about 60MB).

My Emacs process is 28 MiB at this point.

> - Now middle click on some artist in the artist list to select it.
>   This should modify most of the buffers in the MPC frame, tho nothing
>   really particular: they don't get much longer, they don't use new
>   charsets (they may, but at least in my test case they don't), ...
>   This is done by sending various commands to the MPD daemon (via one
>   TCP connection) and receiving responses in return through the
>   process filter.
>   Yet, the process size of this running Emacs has jumped up by an
>   enormous chunk (to 190MB in my case).

Because I didn't set up an album properly, however (I only installed mpc
to try to reproduce this bug), I don't have anything in by artists and
albums windows.  I can, however, click on an entry in the *MPC Songs*
window to play the song.

My Emacs process is still 28 MiB, so I don't see the bug.

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