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command-line option for virgin session?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: command-line option for virgin session?
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 14:47:23 -0700

We have command-line options such as -Q, that start up Emacs without loading
initialization files of one form or another. We have a command-line option,
--no-desktop, to not load any saved desktop file.

Should we have a command-line option that prevents Emacs from recognizing all
such saved-state files (those written and read by vanilla Emacs)? Bookmarks,
history, recent files, stuff in .emacs.d, filesets cache...

I tend to use -Q for testing and for sending bug reports. Anything beyond what
any other user would start with is really just extra baggage, and could
potentially get in the way.

OK, we could add a --no-bookmarks option, and so on, but why not just let -Q do
this in general? That is, have -Q provide a virgin Emacs session that recognizes
no previous-session state. (Or if -Q needs to be kept as it is for some reason,
then how about adding another, more general option to do this?)

Beyond making Emacs ignore past sessions, we might even consider adding another
(different) command-line option that would ignore env var values
(`user-login-name' etc.).

(No, I don't have a specific need in mind for these things; this is all just

(I'm a bit surprised that -Q doesn't include --no-desktop, unless it's because
the Desktop is not restored anyway with -Q. But if that's the case, then the doc
should say that -Q includes --no-desktop, just as it says that it includes

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