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RE: please make line-move-visual nil

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: please make line-move-visual nil
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 14:00:34 -0700

> > More typically (in formatted buffers), we want to reflect 
> > the use of newlines (they are positioned intentionally)
> > and maintain the current column for line movement, but
> > there is no single, privileged column (e.g. file name)
> > that we want to constrain point to, as there is in Dired.
> I don't know if it's typical, but for most of those kinds of 
> buffers you describe as "formatted", I think they should at
> least set truncate-lines.

No reason given. Why?

Why should Buffer List or Info or Man output or grep output or C code or Java
code buffers have `truncate-lines' turned on? Because newlines are intentionally
positioned in such modes, they should use `truncate-lines'? Why would that be?

Is this a diversion to some other topic? What's the relation to the topic at
hand, which is `line-move-visual'?

> > Each formatted buffer could individually define its own 
> > line-movement commands, which amounts to just binding
> > `line-move-visual' to nil around a call to `next-line'.
> > But that would be a bit silly. Better to just let the
> > variable be buffer-local.  And provide nil as
> > the default value for most formatted buffers.
> Any major mode is free to (set (make-local-variable 
> 'line-move-visual) nil).

For those modes that come with Emacs, it is the Emacs code that would need to do
that. It doesn't happen by spontaneous combustion.

I proposed making the variable always buffer-local. If you don't want to do
that, then yes, each mode for which nil is appropriate would need to do that.

Or the opposite: Switch the default to nil, and let the (relatively fewer?)
modes that use primarily free-form text do (set (make-local-variable
'line-move-visual) t).

> As of now, I don't think any mode bothers to do that.

Of course not. Nothing has been done yet about this issue. That's what the
discussion is about: tailoring `line-move-visual' so that it DTRT.

Which means turn itself off, by default, for non free-text modes, that is, code
modes and modes with formatted text. IMHO.

> > BTW, you didn't answer the questions about the poll.
> > How's it coming along?  Where is it?
> I can't think of any poll which would bring any satisfactory answer to
> the discussion.

"Let them eat cake!"

(Or as the right-wing French government official said back in the day, speaking
of the Nouvelle Caledonian independentistes, "Ever since we stopped listening to
them, we don't hear anything from them anymore.") Poll, what poll?

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