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RE: Oop customization group

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: RE: Oop customization group
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 14:43:19 +0900

Drew Adams writes:
 > >  > Group inheritance can be multiple. This is essentially a tagging
 > >  > mechanism (in the sense of del.icio.us tags, not Emacs tags),
 > > 
 > > No, it's not, not until the UI reflects that.
 > You seem to be in violent agreement. ;-)

Well, not entirely.  Some hierarchy is necessary, and the tagging
mechanisms I'm familiar with don't really provide that.  A few minutes
trying to get help on any GUI application whether from Microsoft or
GNOME convinces me that documentation is not something that should be
left to non-developer users.  (I don't know about del.icio.us, I stay
as far away from that kind of Web2.0 as I can.)

 > Perhaps gnu.org could have a Web service that would federate user
 > tagging, and which could be used to update one's local Emacs. That
 > is, local tagging by users could be pushed out, and tags collected
 > from non-local users could be pulled in.

This is what I had in mind, although like you I don't really know how
the "federating" algorithm should work.

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