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Re: [PATCH] adjusting korean key bindings

From: Jihyun Cho
Subject: Re: [PATCH] adjusting korean key bindings
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:54:29 +0900

2009/6/12 Kenichi Handa <address@hidden>:
> In article <address@hidden>, Jihyun Cho <address@hidden> writes:
>> I adjusted a keymap.
>> Many korean people are using a `Hanja' key to convert Hangul to Hanja
>> and a `Hangul' key to toggle input method.
>> As a keymap was adjusted, I modified a `hangul-to-hanja-conversion' function.
> Thank you.  Although the patch need subtle modifications, it
> seems that it surely improves usability for Korean users.
> But, this change breaks backward compatibility.
> -    (global [f9]  quail-hangul-switch-hanja nil)
> +    (global [f9] hangul-to-hanja-conversion nil)
> The key-binding of F9 for quail-hangul-switch-hanja is what
> suggested long ago by a Korean person (I forgot who was
> that).  Has the usage of F9 in Korea been changed in these
> days?

F9 was used in a 101-key keyboard layout in the past.
Currently, A 103-key keyboard layout or a 106-key keyboard layout is
used in Korea.
Both of them are added Hanja key and Hangul key.
But some people are still using F9 and Shift-Space.

A problem is a input method.
Generally, The input method for conversion of Hanja is converting a
completed Hangul letter to a Hanja letter.
Most of Korean IMEs are implemented these method.
The input method of emacs is little awkward.

> By the way, Yidong and Stefan, the change don't fit in the
> criteria of what can be intalled now, but, for Korean users,
> I think it's worth taking your time to consider whether or
> not to install it.  Please decide it.  I believe the change
> is quite safe.
> ---
> Kenichi Handa
> address@hidden

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