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Re: bootstrap error in c-mode with CANNOT_DUMP

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: bootstrap error in c-mode with CANNOT_DUMP
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 03:10:25 -0400

On Jun 12, 2009, at 17:37, Stefan Monnier wrote:
This is a known problem since it plagued the GNUStep port as well (when it couldn't dump). Right now the use of CANNOT_DUMP leads to all kinds
of problems (IIRC even things like ~/.emacs don't get processed
correctly). But it's not very high on the todo-list, so if you can find
a fix for it, it would probably be welcome, but otherwise don't hold
your breath.  A better path might be to try and find a way to do the

Working on it, but Guile's initialization is a little complicated in places. In the (much) longer term, I think finding some solution for Emacs other than unexec would be better, if we want to permit extensions in general, because unexec-ability seems like a pretty onerous demand to make of all libraries one might want to use. (Luckily, I suspect most such libraries don't need to have *any* code run before the unexec step, so loading fresh versions in the new process isn't a problem; that just doesn't work in my case.) But that's a whole other matter...

I was kind of hoping CANNOT_DUMP might give me a shortcut to something I could actually run. :-( Actually, it kind of does, if I avoid bootstrapping; I just have to figure out if each bug is in my work or in the Emacs code base I'm starting with....


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