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Re: utf8 char display in buffer

From: ken
Subject: Re: utf8 char display in buffer
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 08:30:37 -0400
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On 06/13/2009 12:11 AM Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> ....
> Please provide the output of "C-u C-x =" on these characters, both
> when they are displayed correctly and when they are displayed as empty
> boxes.

In a similar post on the same thread Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Please post here the full output of "C-u C-x =" (from a buffer popped
> up by Emacs) for these characters, both when you type them using the
> appropriate input method and they are displayed correctly (as in 1)
> above), and when you see them as empty boxes after revisiting the
> file.  The differences between these two cases should give you a hint
> what is wrong; if not, someone else here might have ideas.

Eli, thanks for your response.  Here it is:

$-1 ¡ is 'a' with a horizontal bar over it.  On first inputting it
(after doing "set-input-method latin-4-postfix" and before changing the
input method to anything else), it appears correctly and "C-u C-x =" yields:


  character: $-1 ¡ (05140, 2656, 0xa60)
    charset: latin-iso8859-4
             (Right-Hand Part of Latin Alphabet 4 (ISO/IEC 8859-4): ISO-IR-110)
 code point: 96
     syntax: word
   category: l:Latin
buffer code: 0x84 0xE0
  file code: 0xC4 0x81 (encoded by coding system mule-utf-8-unix)
       font: -ETL-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--16-160-72-72-C-80-ISO8859-4


When I reload the file (revisit the file), the same character is
replaced with a little box.  Doing "C-u C-x =" here yields:


  character: $-1 ¡ (01210041, 331809, 0x51021)
    charset: mule-unicode-0100-24ff
             (Unicode characters of the range U+0100..U+24FF.)
 code point: 32 33
     syntax: word
   category: l:Latin
buffer code: 0x9C 0xF4 0xA0 0xA1
  file code: 0xC4 0x81 (encoded by coding system mule-utf-8-unix)
       font: -- none --


Note: For some reason, possibly related, had difficulty copying the
above text from emacs into clipboard (i.e., "M-w" didn't do anything),
so had to use a workaround.  It seems that this workaround altered the
character in question, the one above following each of the two instances
of "character:".

As for the meaning of the two outputs above, all that I can confidently
glean is that, if I want to use non-English characters in emacs, I have
to be an expert emacs developer.  :)

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