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Re: browse-url/w32-shell-execute problems on cygwin

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: browse-url/w32-shell-execute problems on cygwin
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 00:06:59 +0800
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Ken Brown wrote:
In browse-url.el, browse-url-browser-function is set to browse-url-default-windows-browser on cygwin.
That is wrong, feel free to change it to a better default.

Second problem: browse-url-of-file doesn't work right under cygwin because it relies on browse-url-file-url to convert the file name to a URL; but the URL it returns is not in a form that a windows browser can understand. For example, evaluating

  (browse-url-file-url "/home/kbrown/html/index.html")

yields "file:/home/kbrown/html/index.html", but (on my system) it would need to be "file://d:/cygwin-1.7/home/kbrown/html/index.html" for the windows browser to be able to handle it.

That is a general problem with cygwin interacting with non-cygwin programs. Cygwin invents its own virtual filesystem that is not understood outside of cygwin. See the problems the native build of Emacs faces with Cygwin make. I don't see how bypassing browse-url fixes this for you, as the path will still be one that Windows does not recognize.

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