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describe-variable gets the defining library wrong

From: Drew Adams
Subject: describe-variable gets the defining library wrong
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 10:27:11 -0700

I haven't found a recipe to reproduce this, but it happens to me quite often
with Emacs 23: `describe-variable' says "foo is a variable defined in `bar.el'"
when foo is not defined in `bar.el' at all, or at least not most recently.

I've even seen it happen when `bar.el' has only a byte-compiler quieter sexp,
such as this, which should hardly count as a definition: (defvar foo). This is a
mystery, to me.

I've also seen "defined in `.emacs'", when that is not at all where the variable
is defined. I suppose this is a fallback (copout), if Emacs can't tell where the
variable was really defined. That's understandable, I guess. (But not very
useful, and still misleading - maybe it's better to say nothing if we know

But saying that the current definition is in library bar.el when it was last
defined in toto.el is wrong. Emacs has always had some degree of difficulty
reporting this, but it seems like this has gotten worse in Emacs 23.

Does anyone else see this behavior, or is it just me? Sorry I don't have a
recipe to reproduce this yet.

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