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From: Chong Yidong
Subject: fadr
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 11:12:58 -0400

Hi Nick,

I noticed that you checked in fadr.el into lisp/.  After looking through
the file, I have significant reservations:

 * A Lisp utility library like this should go into lisp/emacs-lisp/
   instead of the main lisp/ directory.

 * It's completely unclear what "fadr" stands for.  If we keep this
   file, we must rename it to something less cryptic.

 * More fundamentally, I think the way this library works is misguided.
   The example given in the commentary says:

     (setq basket '((apples . (((color . green) (taste . delicious))
                           ((color . red) (taste . disgusting))))))

     Its contents may be accessed using `fadr-member':
     (fadr-member basket ".apples[1].color")

   If I understand correctly, this smacks of trying to shoehorn C
   structure-addressing habits into Emacs Lisp.  Passing a "black-box"
   string argument like ".apples[1].color" is ugly and un-Lispy.

Unless there is some overriding reason, I think the GDB-MI project
should drop the fadr dependency.  If you need a way to interface easily
with nested structures, I suggest using Common Lisp structures, i.e. the
`defstruct' macro which has been in cl-macs.el for a long time.

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