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From: Jay Berkenbilt
Subject: gnus-summary-save-in-rmail
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 16:54:56 -0400

(I am not subscribed to emacs-devel.  Please include me on replies.)

In emacs 23, rmail will use mbox format.  Is BABYL format being
deprecated overall?  Does this make the gnus-summary-save-in-rmail
function misnamed since it seems to still write in BABYL format?  Is
this still a suitable default value for gnus-default-article-saver?

Just a thought.  I have 20 years of email saved as monthly gzipped BABYL
files.  I'd been thinking about converting them to mbox format anyway
since it's a much more widely recognized format and a little easier to
work with.  I mostly access my old mail files with gnus rather than
rmail now anyway though.

Jay Berkenbilt <address@hidden>

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