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Re: Bzr switch

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Bzr switch
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 01:41:43 +0200
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>> Actually, I don't have a preference for that format.  If I had
>> a preference it'd be for the 1.9 format.
> I strongly recommend the new format.  It is faster and smaller, in ways
> that will make a difference for a large, deep-history project like Emacs.
> In particular, 'log -v' times are faster, though I wish they were faster
> still.

I don't care much about such incremental improvements.  Factors of 2 are
nice but don't change my point of view: having to manually install Bzr
just to access Emacs's repository is a bad idea.
Especially given that the format can be changed in the future, so
there's no reason to hurry up adoption of the new format.

> Yes.  Again, I'd like to just give Bazaar 1.16.1 a couple of weeks more
> testing -- I don't want to ask the Savannah admins to upgrade only to
> have to ask them to do it again shortly afterwards.  I'm keeping an eye

In the Bzr world, there's always something new coming up providing this
and that performance improvement.  So there's no point waiting for the
next one, cause when the time is passed, you'll end up wanting to wait
for the next next one, etc... ad nauseam.

> No objection to starting testing earlier, of course!  Just in terms of
> my own schedule, and a desire to avoid doing work twice, I'm planning to
> wait a couple of weeks before making any noises at Savannah.  If anyone
> wants to take this and run with it sooner, though, I'm all in favor.

I'd much rather work on getting the 1.9 format working on Savannah right
now, so we can switch to Bzr ASAP.
Of course, Jason tells me that the conversion is currently broken for
non-bleeding-edge formats, so maybe the 1.9 format is not really an


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