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Re: Which one has the right color, Emacs or GIMP?

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Which one has the right color, Emacs or GIMP?
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 15:20:09 +0900

"Stephen J. Turnbull" <address@hidden> writes:
>  > _not_ just doing that -- it also reads image files using a variety of
>  > libraries which may not have compatible interpretations for the values
> And for which the metadata is missing....

Sadly it happens often, of course...

Then you either have to decide to use a common default and hope maybe
it's right/close, or tell the user "all bets are off if you use images
like that."  Not that the user is going to forgive Emacs if it guesses
differently than other popular apps (firefox or whatever)...

>  > they yield, and [pertinently to this thread] uses color numbers from the
>  > user.
> Which sounds like a perfectly good application for an (optional) Lisp
> library that the user invokes at need.

Sure, but then the _library_ needs to be know what it's targeting, which
requires emacs to either commit to something, or have a mechanism for
telling said library what interpretation the rendering system provides
(if any...).  So while it might make some Emacs core code easier, it
doesn't really resolve Emacs of responsibility for caring at least a
little bit.

Of course, the as Emacs starts to do more than just shuffling colors
around -- if it adjusts color/image intensities (it already does,
actually, but only a little) or starts doing blending of colors (in the
presence of alpha information) -- then even the Emacs core code has to
at least think about the issues.

Emacs core code does try to deal with gamma correction now, though I
dunno how correct any of that code is...



We live, as we dream -- alone....

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