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Re: Send all ERC messages to the &bitlbee channel?

From: Renaud Casenave-Péré
Subject: Re: Send all ERC messages to the &bitlbee channel?
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 18:51:16 +0200 (CEST)


>> Did you set erc-auto-query to 0 ?
>You mean to `t'?  
Yes sorry, I mean to non-nil.

> For me the variable erc-auto-query has no effect on whether the message
> is display in the localhost:6667 buffer or in the &bitlbee buffer.
This behavior is controled by bitlbee's `private' variable.
If private is set to true, every message you receive will be a private message. 
And if erc-auto-query is set to nil, you will receive your private messages to 
But if erc-auto-query is set to non-nil, ERC will open a new window with your 
newly received private message.

> What I want is to make erc-auto-query to open a window for certain
> people and to leave the message in the &bitlbee channel for some
> others.   
Yes, I understand, but I don't know if such a feature exists or not.

Renaud Casenave-Péré

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