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Wrong local keymap after setting major mode in a timer

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Wrong local keymap after setting major mode in a timer
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 11:37:30 +0200

Sometimes the (current-local-map) seems to be wrong after setting
major mode in a timer in MuMaMo:

(defun mumamo-idle-set-major-mode (buffer window)
  "Set major mode from mumamo chunk when Emacs is idle.
Do this only if current buffer is BUFFER and then do it in window

See the variable `mumamo-set-major-mode-delay' for an
  (save-match-data ;; runs in idle timer
    (mumamo-msgfntfy "mumamo-idle-set-major-mode b=%s, window=%s" buffer window)
    (with-selected-window window
      ;; According to Stefan Monnier we need to set the buffer too.
      (with-current-buffer (window-buffer)
        (when (eq buffer (current-buffer))
          (mumamo-condition-case err
              ;;(let* ((ovl (mumamo-get-chunk-at (point)))
              (let* ((ovl (mumamo-find-chunks (point)
                     (major (mumamo-chunk-major-mode ovl))
                     (modified (buffer-modified-p)))
                (unless (eq major major-mode)
                  ;;(message "mumamo-set-major at A")
                  (mumamo-set-major major)

I have just seen this happen. The major mode is set to text-mode, but
the keymap is still php-mode map. php-mode is derived from c-mode (if
that matter).

I think someone saw a problem with setting major mode/keymap in a
timer some months ago, but I do not remember more.

Anyone knows what might be going on here? (This is with the latest CVS Emacs.)

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