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Re: Fiddling with the menus

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Fiddling with the menus
Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2009 22:09:42 -0400
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>> >     * The Time, Battery, are of little use. Their functionality are
>> >     provided by the OS's tool bar. Again, for geeks who need it, it is
>> >     easy to call the command by “M-x”.
>> I'd tend to agree.
> These settings are already in a second-level menu, so how can they
> possibly bother anyone?

As long as that menu is small enough, it might be OK to keep it, but
that doesn't mean it's useful.

> When I work on a laptop, I have the Battery display on all the time,

Great.  I have global-reveal-mode ON all the time.  So by that same
argument we should make it available from the menu.

> because Emacs lets me customize that display in ways most OSes never
> will.

We're not talking about eliminating the battery display.  Only about
whether or not it should be present in the menu.

> As for Time, why should I move my eyes to the system's display,
> somewhere on the fringes of the screen, just to know what time it is?

Same argument.  You're arguing against the elimination of the feature,
but that's not what we're talking about.

>> But I also do not remember why they were added
> Mainly to advertise these features.  Many users don't know Emacs
> has them.

Are they sufficiently important to warrant advertisement?
Are people going to prefer Emacs over something else because it can
display the time and battery status?


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