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Re: moving window handling into lisp

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: moving window handling into lisp
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 09:17:34 +0200
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>  > It's easy to explain: When dragging a modeline, you probably want to
>  > shrink/enlarge the bottom-most windows above the modeline and
>  > enlarge/shrink the topmost windows below the modeline first.
> Abstractly, I agree, but note that some UIs don't do that.  For
> example, in spreadsheets typically dragging on a column divider
> resizes only the column immediately to its left, and pushes or pulls
> the columns to the right rigidly.  I think that behavior is pretty
> plausible for multiwindow configurations in an editor, too, but
> perhaps not as common as the "adjust adjoining windows" behavior you
> proposed.

I don't quite understand what you mean.  "resizes only" could stand for
resizing _just one_ window which would violate our invariant that all
windows must form a frame and the (implicit) assumption that the size of
the frame must not change when dragging a vertical divider.

Note that I was talking about the present behavior.  Richard spent some
time on debugging it, IIRC.  Basically, it wouldn't be difficult to drag
the remaining windows "rigidly".  Implicitly, this would be realized by
resizing some last sibling in that case.  The point is that the behavior
must be implemented consistently.


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