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Re: M-x gdb on a tty

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: M-x gdb on a tty
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 01:10:42 +1200

 > I didn't expect the mouse to work there: this is a real text terminal
 > (SSH remote login to a GNU/Linux system), not an xterm with Gpm.

Gpm doesn't work with xterm.  I'm not sure that I know what a "real text
terminal" means.  Is your local machine running Windows?

 >                                                                   My
 > problem is that the menu bar gets partially overwritten with items
 > that don't look like menu-bar items: they start with a lower-case
 > letter.  Also, they have a different background color, which looks
 > ugly.  Is there a point for them to have a different look?  If not, I
 > suggest to make them look and feel like normal menu items.

AFAIK, I've only changed the background colour (font-lock-doc-face).  Perhaps
you can post a screenshot of what you see.  With a mouse, they function with a
single click and don't generate a sub-menu like the normally coloured items.
Without a mouse, i.e tmm-menubar from F10, the functionality should be the
same, i.e, unchanged.  I used a different colour to show which could be used
like tool bar buttons.  Maybe there's a more aesthetic way to distinguish
between them.

 > Also, it looks like the code which produces these menu items does not
 > take the GUD arrow into consideration: switching to the source buffer
 > where the arrow is displayed causes these menu items to move right by
 > one character, exposing a letter ("C" in my case) beneath it.  This
 > again looks like a bug, even if it's a feature.

The "C" is just the menu item for your C source file.  It should really
come after the tool bar items so that they don't move right.

 > Finally, these menu items obscure the normal ones.

I don't see this.  Perhaps you could post another screenshot.

 > > The green part of the menu bar *does* work like a tool bar if you try it 
 > > in an
 > > xterm.  When I implemented Gpm functionality at the C level in Emacs (for
 > > mouse highlighting and tool tips) I got it to work in the normal window 
 > > area
 > > and mode line but not the menu bar.
 > If this feature is supposed to work only with a mouse, and makes sense
 > in that case, then how about turning off the feature when the mouse is
 > not available?  For that matter, how about making it customizable even
 > if the mouse is available?  (Apologies if it's already customizable: I
 > didn't have time to look it up.)

Apart from the colour, it should be non-intrusive.  Perhaps we could work
out what you are seeing first.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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