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Re: bug#4004: filename completion

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: bug#4004: filename completion
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 12:44:09 -0400
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>> Yes. But it is a little bit different: since Emacs 22 we have said (and
>> documented), that Tramp's host name completion is bound with partial
>> completion. The difference is that partial completion is enabled now by
>> default (with a different mean, completion-styles).

Yes, but the reason we did that was that we did not want a vanilla Emacs
to load Tramp so eagerly.

>> From my point of view, we could let it as it is.  People who dislike
>> partial completion need to disable it now anyway.

Very few people will disable it (it's been tamed specifically to that end).

> Partial completion completes word constituents.  I find it acceptable if
> method completion works only after :, so that we have

> /s: TAB

> offer completion for the method first, filenames afterwards.  The
> details are left for the reader...

Sadly my reader is out for lunch, can you help me understand how that
would work?  What kind of interaction do you expect?

I was originally thinking that we could use partial-completion here.
Basically, just like "/u/ TAB" can try to complete to /usr/ (after
checking that there's no /u), we could have "/s: TAB" try to complete to
/ssh:, but there's a problem: we'd need to "check that there's no /s",
which in our case means check that there's no host named "s" (since
/s:filename would refer to a filename on host s).  If we get rid of
ange-ftp's /host: syntax and force the use of something like /ftp:, then
maybe we can get something working.


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