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Re: Patch Makefile.in to remove .DS_Store on MacOSX

From: Christian Lynbech
Subject: Re: Patch Makefile.in to remove .DS_Store on MacOSX
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 23:24:30 +0200
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[unsure if this got through, sending again]
>>>>> "Seiji" == Seiji Zenitani <address@hidden> writes:

Seiji> We use CVS, git or bzr to develop Emacs,
Seiji> but we don't use subversion.

But the current list of stuff removed contains more than what is
currently used by the emacs developers, for instance RCS directories are
also removed.

I use subversion for tracking emacs releases, hence the request.

Would it be terribly inconvenient to add .svn to the list?

Christian Lynbech       | christian #\@ defun #\. dk
Hit the philistines three times over the head with the Elisp reference manual.
                                        - address@hidden (Michael A. Petonic)

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