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Difficulties byte-compiling very large .el file

From: Aemon Cannon
Subject: Difficulties byte-compiling very large .el file
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 17:49:20 -0400

This is a re-post of a question I asked of gnu.emacs.help. Xah Lee
suggested I try this mailing list.

I've been working on a project to create an elisp target for the ANTLR
parser-generator. Here's the project page:

The generated parser for ActionScript 3 is over 30k lines long and
fails to byte-compile with the message in Emacs 22:
as3_elispParser.el:31515:33:Error: Invalid character: 256, #o400,

..and this message in Emacs 23:
../test/grammars/as3_elispParser.el:31515:33:Error: Args out of range:
256, 0, 255

Here's the source in question: http://aemon.com/file_dump/as3_elispParser.el

If you're interested in trying to compile, you'll need:

I don't think the error is actually related to the content of the
file, as there are no non-ascii characters in the file, and deleting
seemingly arbitrary chunks makes the error go away.

There are lots of "Warning: reference to free variable ...." warnings,
but I understand where those are coming from and I'm not worried about

Bear in mind there are *lots* of macros being expanded. Most of the
forms with the prefix 'a3el' are macros.

Any ideas?

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