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buildobj.lst and Windows builds - a tiny bit of help needed?

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: buildobj.lst and Windows builds - a tiny bit of help needed?
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 03:50:30 -0400

As part of trying to make CANNOT_DUMP builds work better, I want to have the list of object files, currently written into buildobj.lst by make and read back by temacs during loadup, compiled into the executable instead. (Snarf-documentation needs the list to know which bits of documentation to extract from the generated DOC file, since some symbols appear in multiple source files.) I've created a simple patch to create a header file on UNIX that doc.c can include to get the list instead of opening a file and growing a buffer to read the contents into; it just needs to define one macro that expands to a string initializer. I've made an attempt to write the changes for the Windows build process, but I don't currently have a machine to test them, especially with all the permutations of make versions and shells to run under them.

Could someone with the relevant expertise and/or equipment please take a minute and let me know the right way to make this change? I think it should be pretty straightforward, as you can see from the changes in the attached diff, but it does involve make commands that have to write double-quotes and backslashes to files (and thus get the quoting right), and an object file list that is supposedly too long to process on one command line...


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