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emacs 23 under wine...

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: emacs 23 under wine...
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 20:46:13 +0100
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Runs... exhibits some nasty draw glitches upon scrolling by less than
whole pages though.  I presently don't know if it's wine happening to
expose some odd problem in w32 emacs redraw  or (I guess rather more
likely) a wine-side bug.

I found it also "nearly" bootstraps with mingw under
wine, with only a few immediately apparent problems (no doubt there
could be many creeping hidden ones...):

* wine's cmd.exe chokes on parts of configure.bat, but wine's cmd.exe
apparently has several known issues, including not supporting a "copy
a+b c" syntax (microsoft's idea of cat, apparently) which of course configure.bat uses heavily. There are other non-microsoft cmd.exes which fare better, though I ended up manually doing a bunch of stuff.

* a known wine bug regarding popen() that affects windres.exe calls
from within scripts (but not at toplevel).

Could be just my unfamiliarity:

* something hangs during compilation of tramp that I haven't resolved
yet, though it could be similar to:

* Depending on which version of which w32 diff and patch port (there
seem to be quite a few floating about...) you have installed, ediff
compilation hangs. I guess that might happen on windows too, but I
don't really know.

Neither tramp nor ediff are critical for my immediate purposes, just
mentioning because you have to kill the relevant subprocess to allow the
build to proceed.

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