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Re: New sync'd branch

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: New sync'd branch
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 17:52:02 -0400
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

> So I believe we should create a new branch EMACS_23 which will play the
> role currently played by the trunk, so the trunk can now be open to more
> experimental development (bidi, cpp->autoconf conversion, lexbind, ...),
> targetted for Emacs-24.

It would be good to always have a place for such experimental things.

What's the reason to have two branches EMACS_23 and EMACS_23_1_RC?
The latter will be almost entirely unused. Are you holding it in
reserve in case 23.2 is needed at short notice, eg for a security issue?

> There are some problem with this:
> - Changes on the 23 branch need to be sync'd to the trunk.  As long as
>   we haven't switched to Bzr, that means we need Miles to do the sync
>   for us.

Or we sync manually, or someone else volunteers to do it "automatically".

> - The 23 branch will not see as much testing any more.

I think that's the biggest issue.

[milesomatic merging]
> You don't seem too enthusiastic.  Maybe another option would be to
> make the Emacs-24 branch not in CVS but directly in Git (from where it
> will be eventually turned into a Bzr branch).

Sorry, but that's an idea I have no enthusiasm for.

I'm happy to sync my own changes manually between CVS branches, or
wait for Bzr (assuming this solves all problems).

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