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Re: other weird gdb-mi problems

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: other weird gdb-mi problems
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 15:05:06 +1200

 >  (1) Calling a program function from gdb to display various info; these
 >      no longer seems to work.
 >      E.g. if I do:  "call dump_loc(SOME_VAR)"
 >      where the "dump_loc" function just prints some stuff about SOME_VAR
 >      to stdout (and then flushes stdout).  In previous versions of gdb
 >      this worked great, but now it doesn't.

It works for me what do you see in Emacs?  What do you get if you do
"call dump_loc(SOME_VAR)" in GDB from the command line?

 >      This is actually kinda important, because it's a very commonly
 >      used technique to add gdb debugging hooks into programs...
 >      I thought maybe this had something to do with the
 >      "*input/output ...*" buffer which is now getting used, but the
 >      output didn't show up there either.
 >  (2) It display breakpoint icon in the margin, instead of in the
 >      fringe, if I have the "fringe-style" set to `half'.
 >      I guess maybe it's trying to ensure that the icon it fits in the
 >      space available, and indeed, there's like a single pixel chopped
 >      off one edge if I force it (by setting half-margin-mode _after_
 >      setting the breakpoint).
 >      However, having the margins are much more annoying than slightly
 >      truncated icons (especially since the icon is essentially, a red
 >      blob), so it would be nice if it were less eager about doing this,
 >      or tried to substitute a smaller icon in such a case, or something.

There are probably all kinds of anomalies with the margin: I don't know
why I made it two characters wide, the icon size is in pixels and not
not font size dependent ...

I think placement is determined by

        (if (>= (or left-fringe-width
                    (if source-window (car (window-fringes source-window)))
                    gdb-buffer-fringe-width) 8)

in gdb-put-breakpoint-icon.  You're welcome to change that value in CVS
to what you think is a more sensible value.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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