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Re: new Emacs HELLO file??

From: kawabata . taichi
Subject: Re: new Emacs HELLO file??
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 01:10:50 +0900
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> If we put the most important things at the top, there is no harm
> having lots of languages after that.  I think there are some 3,000
> living languages.  If each one takes 10 bytes, that's 30,000 bytes,
> which is no big deal.

Anther thing I'm worring is a quality.  There may be mistakes during the
compilation process of HELLO file.  (I tried to do double-check by
putting all the phrases into the search engine and see if they hit to
multiple sources, but not all of languages such attempts are
successful.)  There may also be informal greetings that some people may
feel uncomforatble, but I couldn't know if such thing really occured.

If we could hope that people who found inappropriate entry in HELLO.txt
would kindly point it out rather than just merely get angered, and if we
are not asking an absolute quality on correctness of HELLO file, perhaps
we could put all the `Hello' phrases found the Internet.  There might be
other options, such as to put some statements in top of HELLO file
asking people to polish the quality and extend the coverage of languages...

  (address@hidden)       KAWABATA, Taichi

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