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Re: Emacs 22 Carbon+AppKit port

From: YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
Subject: Re: Emacs 22 Carbon+AppKit port
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 14:40:45 +0900
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>>>>> On Mon, 31 Aug 2009 19:38:15 +0200, Benjamin Riefenstahl <address@hidden> 
>>>>> said:

> A couple of things that I noticed:

> * Iconify confusion.  a) When I minimize the Emacs frame and than
> click on the Dock icon, I get a new frame.  I would expect the old
> frame to be restored instead.  b) When I close the new frame
> (without opening the old frame before), Emacs quits.  It seems that
> the code that decides between just closing a frame and quitting
> Emacs does not consider iconified frames.  This already happend with
> the previous version of Carbon+AppKit.

Indeed.  This is a bug and inconsistent with the Carbon port behavior.
For an immediate fix, please modify the line

  return [window isVisible];


  return [window isVisible] || [window isMiniaturized];

in the function `mac_is_frame_window_visible' (src/macappkit.m).
Thanks for reporting this.

I also noticed that iconified frames can't be made invisible.  I'll
look into it.

> * multi-tty feature.  "(featurep 'multi-tty)" returns t even though
> multi-tty does not work (as you note in README-mac).

IIRC, the W32 port has the same problem.  Maybe we can adopt some
change once it is fixed on W32 (or is it already fixed?).  BTW,
multi-tty is supposed to work if you don't use GUI (i.e., -nw).

> I would of course prefer to have this work in the first place.  You
> say in the README-mac that you do not know how to disconnect from
> the Dock, but I do not think that it is really important to have
> that particular feature.  Multi-tty is still usefull, even if the
> Emacs icon in the Dock stays activated.

> On second thought I am not even sure I want this to change, after
> all Emacs /is/ still active even if it doesn't show any UI frames
> currently.

I'm not sure if it is feasible without changing the
platform-independent part in an aggressive way.  Let's see how the
official NS port will deal with this.

> * Self-contained app.  I can create a self-contained app, not
> depending on /usr/local, by redirecting all the stuff that usually
> gets installed to /usr/local to mac/Emacs.app/Contents/Resources.  I
> basically override all the relevant Makefile variables in the make
> step.  Can we get this as a regular configure option?  The
> GnuStep/Cocoa port does this as did the old Carbon port and I for
> one like it.

Currently this has low priority.  Maybe you can imitate a part of
`make-package' script in Emacs 22, but things may change in future as
the current version is "experimental/hackers-only".

                                     YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu

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