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Re: new Emacs HELLO file??

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: new Emacs HELLO file??
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 00:27:57 +0300
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>>>>>> BTW, I think we should convert HELLO to UTF-8.  Do you see any symbol
>>>>>> in HELLO not supported by UTF-8?
>>>>> Isn't it currently UTF-8?
>>>> It's iso-2022-7bit, and converting it to utf-8 would lose the cjk
>>>> variants.
>> >
>> > Since Emacs-23 has utf-8 as its internal encoding, I have my
>> > problems to see how they are not lost anyway.
>> See the charset properties.
> As iso-2022-7bit has designation sequences for each
> character set, Emacs can use that information to add proper
> `charset' property, and that property infulence the font
> selection.

The purpose of the HELLO file is to demonstrate Emacs multilingual
capabilities.  It currently does this using iso-2022-7bit.  Does this
mean that UTF-8 is not the best coding system for multilingual texts
in Emacs, because UTF-8 has some limitations (doesn't provide the
proper font selection, loses cjk variants), so iso-2022-7bit is the
preferable coding system for multilingual texts in Emacs?  Is it possible
to improve the UTF-8 support in Emacs since most files use it nowadays?

Juri Linkov

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