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Re: Why Emacs should have a good web-browser

From: joakim
Subject: Re: Why Emacs should have a good web-browser
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 14:00:57 +0200
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martin rudalics <address@hidden> writes:

>> Would it be posible to consolidate one or the other of the window groups
>> proposals, and tables? That is, a table cell is somewhat like an Emacs
>> window.
> IIUC tables can have hundreds of cells.  Do you want to create that many
> windows?

It was just a thought.
Heres some other thoughts:

Use case: text flow around images, which would improve w3m

a test hack could be to use emacs image-slicing to slice an image in
equal row-height slices, to display text around the image. (maybe the
image slices could be locked in place, dunno)

this is like "rowspan" if an emacs window is a html table. would maybe
be cool with a :rowspan display property.

Some other ideas:
- check out "row overlap" mentioned in dispextern.h
- see if an image could automatically fill a number of "display matrix

> martin
Joakim Verona

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