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umask and permissions of installed files

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: umask and permissions of installed files
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 21:07:55 -0400
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In connection with addressing bug#3800 I would like to ask: what is
the right thing to do wrt the installing user's umask when installing?

The two reasonable options would seem to be

i) ignore it, and make the install world-readable, with the exception
that pre-existing "common" directories should not have their
permissions altered, as requested in bug#3800. Ideally, the install
whould warn about any non-standard permissions.

ii) respect it, and don't mess with the permissions of the install at all

Option i) seems like the right thing to me.

At the moment, there is an inconsistent mish-mash of i) and ii).

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