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Re: Defaulting to fancy diary display

From: Ed Reingold
Subject: Re: Defaulting to fancy diary display
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2009 13:02:44 -0500

>     The only advantage of the simple display is that you can edit the
>     diary file directly.
> I think this is a fundamental advantage.  I wish we could implement
> the other features of fancy diary display while preserving this.

It's no advantage at all; it is a fundamental DISadvantage to have the default 
be the simple file with lines concealed.  Of course that is the file you need 
to edit, but what you want to look at in the processed file, ie the fancy 
form.  It's like insisting that you only look at the .tex file, never the .pdf 
output.  The present setup is (and always was) a dumb decision (not mine!).

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