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Re: Fixes for 64-bit Emacs on Snow Leopard

From: Erik Charlebois
Subject: Re: Fixes for 64-bit Emacs on Snow Leopard
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 00:32:59 -0700

Attachment: 0001-Fix-Emacs-64-bit-on-Snow-Leopard.patch
Description: Binary data

Revised patch that fixes 10.5 building (removed the protocol specifications as noted by Eddie Hillenbrand) and removed the PSFlush () call as noted by Cheng Gao.

Erik Charlebois

On 2009-09-08, at 1:14 AM, Erik Charlebois wrote:

<0001-Fixes-to-get-a-working-64-bit-Emacs-on-OS-X-10.6.patch><0002- Fix-Changelogs.patch> I've attached two patches (sorry about that, first time I used git and I got the ChangeLogs wrong after committing :). I've tried to make sure nothing's been introduced that would break pre-10.5 OS X or GNUstep, but I don't have either of those systems to test with. The bulk of the changes deal with deprecated Cocoa methods, LP64 issues (printf specifiers, NSInteger/NSUInteger) and CGFloat being double on 64-bit Cocoa. I've built/tested on 32- and 64-bit OS X 10.6.

Erik Charlebois

On 2009-09-07, at 4:26 PM, David Reitter wrote:

Hi Erik,

On Sep 7, 2009, at 5:08 PM, Erik Charlebois wrote:

I've posted the steps/fixes to get a 64-bit NS/Cocoa Emacs 23.1 working for Snow Leopard on my blog at http://blog.fac9.com/index.php/2009/08/30/building-a-64-bit-emacs-on-snow-leopard/ . I've been using it for a week without problems.

Thanks, that's great news.

Regarding your point 5: I did not redefine CGFloat when I tried to address these things; I'm not sure if it is necessary. You might be right.
See this file


Would you be willing to post a patch with all of your changes?

Thanks again
- David

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