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Re: PATCH term optional bold

From: Ivan Kanis
Subject: Re: PATCH term optional bold
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 09:32:13 +0200
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Hi Stefan,

Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:

>> This small patch make optional the usage of bold attribute in term.
> Could you give us some background explaining the motivation for this?

I can't stand bold font and try to disable it whenever I can. There is a
big misunderstanding about bold in terminal emulation. In a true dumb
terminal like a vt220 bold was a brighter color.

> I think it'd be even better to do something like
> [...your patch..]
>>        (when term-ansi-current-bold
>>          (setq term-current-face
>> -                (append '(:weight bold) term-current-face)))
>> +                (append term-bold-attribute term-current-face)))

I think it's better it allows more customization, I have fixed up your
patch a little bit and tested. I use progn for the setq and update the
comment of the defvar.

--- a/lisp/misc/term.el Fri Sep 11 14:36:54 2009 +0200
+++ b/lisp/misc/term.el Sat Sep 12 09:29:30 2009 +0200
@@ -476,11 +476,16 @@
 (defvar term-old-mode-line-format) ;; Saves old mode-line-format while paging.
 (defvar term-pager-old-local-map nil) ;; Saves old keymap while paging.
 (defvar term-pager-old-filter) ;; Saved process-filter while paging.
 (defcustom explicit-shell-file-name nil
   "If non-nil, is file name to use for explicitly requested inferior shell."
   :type '(choice (const nil) file)
   :group 'term)
+(defvar term-enable-bold t
+  "Set to nil to disable bold")
+(defvar term-bold-attribute '(:weight bold)
+  "Set to '(:weight normal) to disable bold")
 (defvar term-prompt-regexp "^"
   "Regexp to recognize prompts in the inferior process.
@@ -3228,8 +3233,9 @@
                          (elt ansi-term-color-vector term-ansi-current-bg-color
            (when term-ansi-current-bold
-             (setq term-current-face
-                   (append '(:weight bold) term-current-face)))
+             (setq term-current-face 
+                   (append '(:weight bold) term-current-face)
+                   (append term-bold-attribute term-current-face)))
            (when term-ansi-current-underline
              (setq term-current-face
                    (append '(:underline t) term-current-face))))
@@ -3257,7 +3263,9 @@
                        (elt ansi-term-color-vector term-ansi-current-bg-color))
          (when term-ansi-current-bold
            (setq term-current-face
-                 (append '(:weight bold) term-current-face)))
+                  (progn
+                    (append '(:weight bold) term-current-face)
+                    (append '(:weight bold) term-current-face)))
          (when term-ansi-current-underline
            (setq term-current-face
                  (append '(:underline t) term-current-face))))))

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