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Re: Overalays and point-entered

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Overalays and point-entered
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 21:16:18 -0400
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> I started working on implementing these properties for overlays in case I
> end up wanting to do something else with them.  If these are properties of
> overlays and not just solving my specific case, should they be added to
> point-motion instead of cursor-motion?  This shouldn't have any adverse
> effects, unless people have been adding point-entered and point-left
> properties to their overlays.  I'd think that the hooks should be run only
> if in the window specified, if the window property is set.  Another question
> should be whether to just use inhibit-point-motion-hooks or add a new
> variable to inhibit overlay hooks, but it seems logical to use
> inhibit-point-motion-hooks.

inhibit-point-motion-hooks should definitely inhibit it.
But really, such low-level hooks have proved to be terribly difficult to
use (because they affect too many low-level commands in ways which
break obvious and intuitive assumptions), so I'm not too happy to
improve support for them.  I'd rather move towards obsoleting them.

OTOH if you want to implement a new kind of hook that reacts to cursor
motion rather than point motion, that would be OK.


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