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Re: Not loading the Registry settings

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Not loading the Registry settings
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 09:34:33 -0400
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>> Thanks.  The patch below should address this issue (it just moves code
>> around).

> After your patch, setting the variable in Lisp works (see code below;
> it does not include X changes, only Windows).

Good, thanks.

> The only drawback is that, on Windows, environment variables (HOME,
> SHELL, TERM, LANG, PRELOAD_WINSOCK and a few others) can also be
> defined in the registry, and they are loaded in
> w32.c:init_environment(), so -Q will not affect them. That is bad,
> because it negates one of the advantages of this change, i.e., making
> emacs -Q more useful for testing.

OTOH, it's just the same behavior as under POSIX where environment
variables are not provided via xrm but directly (and -Q does not
override them).  For HOME settings, I think it's TRT.  For other
variables, it's less clear, but I think it's OK for now.

>> Well, I'm not sure if it would be useful, but the name seems to reflect
>> more precisely the effect of the variable, and indeed it can later on
>> be changed from Lisp, tho it's not clear whether that would be useful.

> BTW, the question of whether "emacs -Q -xrm myresouce" should obey
> myresource or not is still open.

I think it *should* obey myresource.  I don't know how to implement that
behavior, tho.


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