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Re: Line spacing too large for TTF?

From: David Engster
Subject: Re: Line spacing too large for TTF?
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 20:49:46 +0200
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:
>> which inserts the box drawing 'heavy vertical' unicode character. I
>> think with the default line-spacing set to 'nil', these characters
>> should connect when repeated in the following lines, but they
>> don't. With bitmap fonts, there's usually a gap of 1 pixel, and with a
>> TTF like 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono', it's about 3 pixels.
> Please use M-x report-emacs-bug for such problems, so we get more data
> from you and so it gets recorded in the bugtracker.

Well, I am not sure this is really a bug, but I sent a bug report now
anyway. Also, I noticed that the 3 pixels with the 'Bitstream' font I
reported here were due to that font not having box drawing characters,
so those were in fact drawn with another (smaller) font, which lead to
the large line spacing. The issue remains with other fonts, though.


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