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Re: advice needed for multi-threading patch

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: advice needed for multi-threading patch
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 19:59:28 -0400

On Sep 22, 2009, at 10:24, Stefan Monnier wrote:
Yeah. I just wonder why nobody has done it and whether it would not be
a better approach.

IIUC people do it all the time, tho not with another Emacs process: with
an hexl process, a shell process, an openssl process, ...
Emacs currently is not very good at using stdin/stdout so running an
inferior Emacs process is poorly supported.

I've sometimes thought a command-line option to provide a REPL (read- eval-print loop) interface would be handy. Either directly in Emacs, or via the client/server interface... much like interactive emacs lisp mode, but purely on the command line.


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