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Re: Problems with EDE

From: Eric M. Ludlam
Subject: Re: Problems with EDE
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 08:04:44 -0400

On Wed, 2009-10-07 at 22:17 -0400, Chong Yidong wrote:
> Chong Yidong <address@hidden> writes:
> > The target is now printed correctly, but there is a different
> > compilation error; I'll investigate further.
> It seems the error occurs in upstream CEDET as well.  Following Sascha's
> "Make" project recipe, I get
>   make -f /home/cyd/tmp/Makefile all
>   gcc     -c hello.c
>   ld  -L. -o hello hello.o
>   ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; defaulting to 0000000008048074
>   hello.o: In function `main':
>   hello.c:(.text+0x19): undefined reference to `puts'
>   make: *** [hello] Error 1
> Why is EDE using ld rather than gcc to perform linking?

I wrote it in 1999, and at the time, that is what worked for me.

EDE actually will use a range of different linkers, and the ld one was
the first match.  If you use:

M-x customize-target RET

you can select a new linker, such as a g++ linker, or the gfortran
linker.  Looking in ede-proj-obj.el (ede/proj/obj.el ?) it is hopefully
obvious how to add new linkers here.  I think my test suite I use uses c
++ instead, and thus gets a different linker.  I apparently need to add
a new test. ;)


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