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Re: w32 fullscreen toggling

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: w32 fullscreen toggling
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:19:09 +0200
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You should make this work with the frame parameter fullscreen.

        Jan D.

Erik Charlebois skrev:
Attached is a patch to add a function for toggling a frame between fullscreen and windowed state, much like IE8 and Visual Studio's fullscreen modes. A fullscreen frame covers the taskbar and has no window border or title. This provides a builtin way of achieving what darkroom-mode does (darkroom-mode's w32-fullscreen does not cover the taskbar though). To the best of my googling, I found that the Microsoft-supported way of achieving this effect is to have a window without the WS_CAPTION or WS_THICKFRAME style and set its size to the exact screen resolution of the monitor it is to be fullscreened on. I've tested this on XP, Vista and Win7 in single and dual monitor configurations. Resolution changes or Emacs-driven position/size changes (e.g. toggling scroll-bar-mode or menu-mode) are correctly handled (the frame remains fullscreen). If a secondary monitor is disconnected, any fullscreen frames on that screen are punted back to window mode so they look normal when Windows repositions them.

Erik Charlebois

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