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Re: server-start and server-name doesn't seem to work

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: server-start and server-name doesn't seem to work
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 22:12:29 -0400
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> From what I see... server-name is not available as a variable *until*
> you do `server-start'.  At least in a freshly started emacs the cmd
> M-x set-variable <RET> server-name <RET> shows `no match'

You don't need to M-x server-start, but you do need to load server.el
before you can use set-variable on that var.
So either do

  M-x load-library RET server RET
  M-x set-variable RET server-name RET "foo" RET
  M-x server-mode RET

or do

  M-: (setq server-name "foo") RET
  M-x server-mode RET

I prefer this latter one, personally.

> But no matter how I go at it... it appears not to work if I name the
> server.
> at least `emacsclient -s name -c' fails.

I can only say that it works for me.


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