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Re: Starting multiple async processes from inside dired using &

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Starting multiple async processes from inside dired using &
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 02:59:06 +0300
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>>>> It seems the best option is to search and revive an existing buffer,
>>>> but there is another problem: the user might want to keep the output
>>>> of an old *Async Shell Command*<N> buffer and not overwrite it with
>>>> the output of another process.
>> Emacs could retain the old output, concatenating the new output into it.
> That could be very confusing for someone who just wants "the output"
> tho...

Yes, unrelated command outputs will create a mess in the same buffer.

> Maybe it could keep a list of previously created async output buffers,
> and reuse any which are empty (and whose associated process is dead).

Empty async output buffers is a small subset of use cases.
The problem of reusing command buffers is more general -
e.g. grep and compile often overwrite old output that was
necessary to keep.

> Perhaps another issue, BTW is whether Emacs should kill asynch processes
> when exiting.  For the most common uses I have, it _shouldn't_, and it's
> surprising and annoying when it does (I typically say "yes" to the "kill
> processes?" prompt because I'm thinking of only those synchronous
> processed I know about, so occasionally I end up inadvertently killing
> an async process that I didn't want to...]

Maybe asking an additional question about async processes and detaching
them when exiting will help?

Juri Linkov

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