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From: Stefan Monnier
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 15:01:21 -0400
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>> . The default value of SYSTEM_PURESIZE_EXTRA is zero, and is not
>> increased for GUI builds.  This causes a --without-x build to waste
>> some 100KB.  If we want to handle this, the basic constant in
>> BASE_PURESIZE can be as low as 1290000 and SYSTEM_PURESIZE_EXTRA
>> should have its default at 140000 for GUI builds, zero otherwise.

I'm not terribly concerned about wasting 100KB in pure space (or even
more than that): it's space we don't ever touch or look at, so it's
never brought into RAM.  IOW it's very cheap.
OTOH checking what really goes into purespace and why something doesn't
is good, because moving data into purespace is good.


PS: Regarding the recent purecopy of autoload's file names: why not just
purecopy the whole autload list?

--- src/eval.c  2009-10-24 12:32:03 +0000
+++ src/eval.c  2009-10-24 18:32:23 +0000
@@ -2112,10 +2148,7 @@
      (function, file, docstring, interactive, type)
      Lisp_Object function, file, docstring, interactive, type;
-  Lisp_Object args[4];
   CHECK_SYMBOL (function);
-  CHECK_STRING (file);
   /* If function is defined and not as an autoload, don't override */
   if (!EQ (XSYMBOL (function)->function, Qunbound)
@@ -2128,15 +2161,13 @@
        not useful and else we get loads of them from the loaddefs.el.  */
     LOADHIST_ATTACH (Fcons (Qautoload, function));
-  if (NILP (Vpurify_flag))
-    args[0] = file;
-  else
-    args[0] = Fpurecopy (file);
-  args[1] = docstring;
-  args[2] = interactive;
-  args[3] = type;
-  return Ffset (function, Fcons (Qautoload, Flist (4, &args[0])));
+  if (!NILP (Vpurify_flag))
+    /* We don't want the docstring in purespace (instead,
+       Snarf-documentation should (hopefully) overwrite it).  */
+    docstring = make_number (0);
+  return Ffset (function,
+               Fpurecopy (list5 (Qautoload, file, docstring,
+                                 interactive, type)));

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